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Our Policies - Bylaws

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The ICOFMA does have in place moral standards for ALL members at all times.

Policies and guidelines

To be a member of this professional association you must abide by the bylaws and rules set forth by this association and its Officers of the Council.
A member must be in good standing at all times as we regard moral ethics as a high standard. If a member breaks any bylaw then member will be expelled from this association, no exceptions.
All members will be recognized through our online members list directory. It is the aim of this association to unite and bring together all styles of mixed arts all over the world.


1. Member must not have a felony record.
2. Member must be honest in all their training and be sincere in regards with their rank. No phonies
3. Member does not associate with, converse with, nor represent this Association at any time with regards to the press.
4. Member must be sincere with their journey of knowledge and has a background in the martial arts already before developing their own style.
5. In order for a member to have a style of their own, they must have achieved at least a 2nd Dan Black belt in their original style.
6. Member must be at least 18 years of age to be a part of this Association.
7. All materials on this site are copyrighted, and no copies, reproductions, etc shall be used mailed, nor transmitted at any time without the express permission of this Association.
8. Member shall never abuse the martial arts at any time to hurt others.

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